Marriage Intensives

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Dr. Putnam is privileged to lead marriage intensives and marraige mini-intensives in conjunction with The Center for Relational Care (CRC) and Winshape Marriage.

Marriage intensives are four-day therapeutic programs that offer structured, focused opportunities for personal growth and relational enrichment.  Dr. Putnam leads intensives for the Center for Relational Care at Winshape at various times throughout the year.  She also offers two-three day mini-intensives for married couples only, at her Woodstock, GA office.   Singles intensives and whole family intensives and mini-intensives are also available through The Center for Relational Care.


The Intensive / Mini-Intensive Experience

  • Provides a safe, supportive, environment where God’s design for healing hurts, resolving conflicts, and alleviating fears are experienced in the context of marriage, family, and single adult relationships
  • Is an opportunity to interrupt the deterioration of important relationships, creating enhanced relational connection


How You May Benefit

  • Understand your God-given need for relationships
  • Identify and address obstacles to relational intimacy
  • Learn to more clearly define what you need from others
  • Develop skills for heart-to-heart communication
  • Release painful emotions such as hurt, anger, and fear
  • Learn about the impact of past events on present struggles
  • Heal relational hurts, resolve conflicts, and restore trust
  • Replace unhealthy thinking and harmful behavior patterns
  • Receive comfort for hurts from childhood that limit the capacity to love
  • Experience freedom to love God and others more joyfully


Differences Between Intensive and Mini-Intensive.

  • A marriage intensive at the Winshape Marriage Retreat Center lasts 4.5  days and includes two counselors and four couples in a group format. Couples sleep at the Marriage Retreat Center and all accommodations are provided.
  • A mini-intensive is typically 10-15 hours of counseling over 2-3 days with only one couple and one counselor. If couples are local to Atlanta, they sleep at home and come to Dr. Putnam’s office for their sessions each day. Out of town couples generally stay in a hotel near Dr. Putnam’s office. Breaks for meals are built into the schedule for each day. The mini-intensive can be catered to a couple’s needs based on a variety of different factors (schedule needs, reason for pursuing the mini-intensive, specific physical or psychological challenges, etc).



  • More information on cost for a CRC Marriage Intensive at the Winshape Marriage Retreat Center can be obtained by calling Joyce Walker at The Center for Relational Care (1-877-567-5656). Prior to attending a marriage intensive, couples will be required to complete roughly 10 hours of pre-intensive counseling with a CRC approved counselor, at an additional cost.  The mini-intensive process meets the requirements of this pre-intensive counseling, so after completing a mini-intensive, a couple is considered prepared to attend an intensive if they desire.
  • Cost for a Marriage Mini-Intensive with Dr. Putnam is billed at Dr. Putnam’s standard fee of $125 per hour.    Couples will pay a $500 deposit to register for the mini-intensive, and the remaining balance will be due at the end of the mini-intensive.  The balance will be due at the end of the mini-intensive.  Couples will receive one free hour of follow-up 3-4 weeks after their mini-intensive.


Next Steps

  • To obtain more information about attending a Marriage Intensive through the Center for Relational Care, contact Joyce Walker at 1-877-567-5656.
  • To obtain more information about scheduling a Marriage Mini-Intensive with Dr. Putnam, call 770-864-7570 or email